Last Updated on February 2021
How does sponsoring ValueKeyBusinesses Giveaway work?

We deal with the influencers with large followings, making sure they are verified, whether they have a verified logo or not, we will work to make sure that they are a trusted influencer that we can work with.

The step by step actions for a successful Influencer giveaway are as follows:
  • One or several influencers promote the ValueKeyBusinesses Giveaway with multiple posts on their Instagram main feed, Instagram Live and Instagram Story.
  • The Influencer will ask their followers to go to @valuekeybusinesses on Instagram and follow everyone we follow to be entered into the Giveaway.
  • ​You will be one of the accounts that @valuekeybusinesses is following during the term of the Giveaway by sponsoring the giveaway.
How long is the Giveaway live for?

ValueKeyBusinesses will normally run for 2-4 days or 60 hours before announcing the giveaway winners Once the Giveaway has concluded, @valuekeybusinesses will make the announcement on ValueKeyBusinesses Instagram story and website.

How can you join ValueKeyBusinesses in our next Giveaway?

Click here to fill out the questionnaire with your details.

What is the ValueKeyBusinesses?

ValueKeyBusinesses is a Social Media and Growth Company. We are committed to ensuring that the influencers we work with hold real value, with genuine followers that result in true engagement. Through this we are able to bring greater awareness of the companies we work with to a wider audience.
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